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Directions to Hike Meeting Locations/Trailheads/Parking

The MTIA guided hikes regularly utilize 12 trailheads in or adjacent to the State Park. The Pantoll, Rock Spring, Bootjack, Mtn.Home Inn , Stinson Beach and East Peak Trailheads should be easily found on maps and/or trailmaps of the area.

For instance the Maps and Directions page of this web site has printable maps. But the six trailheads listed below may not be easily found even using a map, so more detailed directions and descriptions are given below and can be used in conjunction with a map if possible:

Muir Woods; Drive to Muir Woods, bypass the parking lot at the last hairpin turn on the way down at the bottom. The next parking lot (Annex Lot) on the right, parallel/next to, to Muir Woods Rd., is the meeting location. (note: The walk-in entrance to Muir Woods is not the meeting location. )

Frank Valley; This meeting location is along Muir Woods Rd. Proceed about ¾ of a mile past the Muir Woods Annex Lot (see above directions). Parking is along the left side of Muir Woods Rd., opposite the Deer Park Fireroad gate on the right and very close to the trail sign for Miwok Trail on the left.

Diaz Ridge; This meeting location lies along Panoramic Highway, about halfway between the turnoff of Highway 1, (the turnoff for Mt.Tam State Park), and the four corners intersection(this is the turnoff for Muir Woods). Hikers can park on the east side of Panoramic Highway, about ¾ of a mile from the Highway 1 turnoff. Sometimes there is a vendor here selling fruit and nuts from a pick-up truck.

Whitegate Ranch; This trailhead is along Panoramic Highway about 2.5 miles past Pantoll Ranger Station. After driving past Pantoll Ranger Station starts a long steep descent to Stinson Beach. Panoramic Highway is wooded for about 2.25 miles after passing the Ranger Station. The trailhead is in the open, on the left (Parking alongside of road for about 12 cars.)just after the second hairpin turn after coming out of the wooded part of Panoramic Highway. When you see the water tank on the left you are almost there.

Laurel Dell; The Laurel Dell Trailhead is located on West Ridgecrest Blvd., on the right, about 1.5 miles past Rock Spring, take the left fork at Rock Spring, Pantoll Rd. ends here. (See Trojan Pt. directions to find Pantoll Rd.) There is a roadside parking lot for about fifteen cars at the Laurel Dell Trailhead.  A distinguishing feature at this location is a rust colored iron gate in the middle of the parking area, across the entrance to a fire road here.

Trojan Point;  A dirt and gravel parking area for about twenty cars is the location for this trailhead. It is along Pantoll Rd., about halfway between Pantoll Ranger Station and Rockspring. It is on the right side of Pantoll Rd. To find Pantoll Rd., drive up Panoramic Highway to reach Pantoll Ranger Station. At this point Panoramic Highway also reaches its highest point. There is a fork in the road here. Pantoll Rd. is the right fork and uphill.

Easiest access to Mt.Tam State Park is from highway 101, taking the Stinson Beach/Highway 1 Exit. This exit is between Saulsalito and Mill Valley/Tiburon. From the exit following Highway 1 to Panoramic Highway and into the Park.

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Bootjack Trail Closure

Bootjack Trail at Mount Tamalpais State Park Partially Closed until further notice

Flowers and Plants

The brochures in the Links section below are in PDF format and can be viewed online or print.

Chaparral Plants

Rare and Endangered Plants

Some Favorite Wildflowers

Trail Closure

Trail Closure

Following trails are closed due to recent storms:

Bootjack Trail

Fern Creek Trail

Troop 80 Trail