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Mount Tamalpais State Park Wednesday Evening Organized Hike Schedule

These congenial hikes usually finish before dark and include a short snack stop. Hikes are moderately paced, approximately 3 to 5 miles long, over uneven terrain and may have up to a 1500' elevation gain. These hikes are NOT accessible for everyone.

Please note all hikes are led by MTIA (Mt. Tamalpais Interpretive Association) volunteer hike leaders. Due to traffic conditions the early evening of the hike, or a last minute illness of the hike leader, hikes can be cancelled at the last minute. Please be on time.

In the event that the designated leader is not at the trailhead listed, it is recommended hikers seek advice at the Pantoll Ranger Station Information Kiosk or the East Peak Visitor Center where trail maps can also be purchased or seen on displays. Of course you are advised to periodically check this web site for some last minute hike schedule changes, as they are received. You can also call the MTIA Hike Info phone for a recorded message that may contain information on changes to hike scheduling at 415-258-2410.


WEDNESDAY EVENING HIKES,  last 2 to 3 hours with a 15 minute break. Bring water and a snack.


Click here for a map for Trailheads and directions.

 The hikes last 2 to 3 hours with a 15 minute break. Bring water & snack.

 The latest Fire Closure information can be obtained by calling the Marin County Fire Dept. recording (415) 499-7191. In the event of a Mt. Tamalpais Fire Closure, all hikes from Trojan Point, Bootjack, Laurel Dell, Rock Spring and East Peak trailheads will instead start from the Pantoll Ranger Station parking lot.

In case of emergency, please call 911.


Important Safety Information

If the Upper Mountain is Closed Due to Fire Danger:
Hikes from Bootjack, Laurel Dell, Rock Spring, Trojan Point and East Peak will start Pantoll and will stay below Panoramic Highway.

Prepare for Summer Heat:
It gets very hot out there in July & August. If you are on medication it can intensify the heats affects. Always wear a full coverage hat. Do not drink coffee that morning. Stay very relaxed, look for shade and take it easy!

Sneakers, Tennis Shoes, Sandals and Running Shoes are definitely not recommended for Mt.Tam hiking, due to the steep, extremely rocky and root covered trails. Sturdy, hard soled, mid to high cut Hiking Boots are needed.

Hike Info Phone, or if  the Hike Leader is Sick:
Call 415-258-2410 to hear our taped message about upcoming hikes. Due to a last minute illness of a Hike Leader, or due to unpredictable road or traffic conditions, or not being able to find a replacement Leader, a Hike Leader, may not be able to make it to the hike. In that case, hikers are advised to seek information at Pantoll Kiosk.

Flowers and Plants

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