Home Visitor Center


At the top of Mt. Tamalpais is the modest East Peak Visitor Center. Hours of operation are 11 am to 4 am on weekends only.

Here you’ll find:

  • A small museum, depicting the glorious days when the railroad climbed the mountain, bringing guests to the mountain-top hotel for dinner, dancing, and romance
  • An excellent railroad video “Steaming up Tamalpais” diorama of local animals and birds that delights children
  • A wildflower binder and other reference materials lovingly compiled by MTIA members
  • Maps, books, apparel, and souvenirs for sale; a portion of all proceeds go to the park for maintenance and preservation

However, the main attraction of the Visitor Center are your MTIA hosts, who volunteer to share their love of the mountain by helping you plan a hike, identify a plant, or give directions.

Plan on spending an hour exploring East Peak:

  • Enjoy the spectacular views on the wheelchair accessible loop of the Verna Dunshee trail where a self-guided tour brings the geology, ecology, and cultural history of the area to life, 360 degrees around the mountaintop.
  • Hike up to the Fire Lookout and see where local rock climbers practice their sport
  • Relive history at the Gravity Car Barn where weekend docents show you how train passengers used to coast down the mountain.

Flowers and Plants

The brochures in the Links section below are in PDF format and can be viewed online or print.