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Three Trails closed by March storms. Here are the trail conditions in Mt.Tam State Park as reported by Park Rangers between March 21 to 28, 2012:  Bootjack below Panoramic Highway, Fern Creek below Panoramic Highway, Troop 80 Trail.  (“More Info” link). 

1.There was a large slide, caused by the storms that have taken out a portion of Bootjack Trail near the large bridge that crosses Redwood Cr., at Rattlesnake Cr. (The maps show these two creeks meet below Van Wyck Meadow).  This will cause greater delay to the reopening of the Bootjack Trail, which was scheduled to reopen soon, but now, the reopening will be put off to the future.  

2.Also damaged in the storms was the bridge over Fern Creek at the junction of Lost Trail, where a large redwood tree toppled and took out a portion of the bridge. In addition a small slide has re-routed the creek in that location.  Initial report stated, "as a result Fern Creek Trail from Alice Eastwood Camping Ground, down to Lost Trail. is now closed. Due to the tree work involved, in the bridge and trail restoration, the work won't start until August, when the Northern Spotted Owl season is over".

3.The Troop 80 Trail is now closed by a slide approximately 100 feet west of the Spike Buck Bridge. Probably about a third of a mile east of Van Wyck Meadow in the second major drainage as you head east. The slide is not easily passable uphill or downhill, and it ripped out a large section of the old pipeline.

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Bootjack Trail Closure

Bootjack Trail at Mount Tamalpais State Park Partially Closed until further notice

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Trail Closure

Trail Closure

Following trails are closed due to recent storms:

Bootjack Trail

Fern Creek Trail

Troop 80 Trail