The Mt. Tamalpais Interpretive Association (MTIA) is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to promote the conservation, education, and interpretation of California State Parks, primarily at Mount Tamalpais State Park.

We do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Volunteering at the Visitor Center on East Peak
  • Sponsoring interpretive hikes for the public
  • Selling and distributing interpretive and educational materials
  • Aiding in conserving and interpreting areas of the State Park System
  • Fundraising to support these activities

Most of all, we are a group of individuals whose interest, ages and backgrounds vary greatly but are linked together by a love of Mt. Tam.

MTIA was formed in the mid-1980s, acquiring non-profit status in 1985. The original founders include Jack and Margaret Tucker, Bonnie and Jack James, Laura Svendsgaard, Alane O’Rielly and Dorothy Gibson. Today we have over 200 members.

Board of Directors

President Arlin Weinberger

Vice President Jim Gannon

Secretary Pat Ernsberger

Treasurer Linda Futrell

Other Members:

Scott Cauchois

Filia Franco

Michael Hanrahan

Anne Komer

Tim Kreutzen

Susan Royce

Anna Jane Reid

Advisory Members:

Arlene Halligan

Ryen Goering, Supervising Ranger, Mt Tamalpais State Park


Membership Barbara Wetzell

Mt Log Michael Hanrahan

Visitor Center Paulette Lueke

Astronomy Program Tinka Ross

Hiking Program Jordan Herrmann

Special Events Filia Franco

Gravity Car Barn Arlene Halligan and Fred Runner

Website Anne Komer