Ranger’s Updates

Bootjack Trail has been repaired and reopened!

Troop 80 trail has also been repaired and reopenened!

Thanks to the TCC for their support of these repairs.

Click Below for Current Trail Closures

  • McKennan Gulch Trail: Closed until further notice due to hazardous conditions

All other trails are open.

Bootjack Trail is now re-opened with a reroute through the slide area just above Muir Woods!

Slide work repair work was accomplished with Tamalpais Conservation Club (TCC) sponsored trail steward, Conservation Corp North Bay (CCNB) trail crew, Chico State University student volunteers and State Park staff. Slide hampered opening trail after extensive trail work was accomplished with California State Park state wide trail crew leads and trail crews from the California Conservation Corps (CCC). Extensive tread work, rock armored crossings, wood and rock stair repair and bridge replacements can be appreciated along the trail from Muir Woods to Bootjack parking lot.

Trail work compliments the methods and materials utilized by early Mount Tamalpais conservation group efforts and Civilian Conservation Corps work from the 1930’s.

All trails are now open in Mt. Tamalpais State Park!